About OnDemand Limo

When you need a ride, we’ll be there.

OnDemand Limo is founded by a team of professionals with over 25 years of experience in providing limo services to individual and corporate travelers jointly with a team of highly experienced management consultants reputed for delivering high performing business solutions for small enterprises to mega corporations, globally for over 30+ years. This team has the rare advantage of combining hands-on delivery of ground transportation services during good and tough situations and in-depth knowledge of setting up and managing a highly efficient business enterprise that can provide on demand high quality services to its customers.

OnDemand Limo’s professionals have put in a lot of effort to understand the gaps or shortfalls in the industry providing ground transportation for customers worldwide. Extensive research has been done to map the exponentially growing customer expectations in the rapidly growing industry offering instant software app driven taxi services to traditional chauffeur driven high end limousine services. Our team of experts have developed a platform (OnDemand Limo) to offer high quality, consistently reliable ground transportation services at affordable stable prices at all times.

OnDemand Limo solution offers end to end business solution to manage travel needs from planning, estimating a ride to booking , efficient management of a fleet of vehicles for high availability all the way through making billing and payment a smooth and compliant process for the company and its customers. OnDemand Limo has been founded on the principles of lean and efficient management of operations with extensive use of latest technology to minimize dependencies and eliminate bottlenecks in the end to end process. Customer self service tools provide an easy and efficient options for the customers to manage their rides (single or repetitive) using any or all of the channels to interact with OnDemand Limo professionals.

Trained, courteous professionals using well maintained , clean vehicles collaborating real time with back office operators, all using the latest technology to keep in sync enable us to provide us consistent, reliable, safe and affordable service to our customers at all times.

So, come and check out ways and means to partner with us to redefine your ground transportation experience, going forward.